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This tour takes at least 4 hours.

It begins with a tour to the source of the river Bosna (Vrelo Bosne) which is the name founder  of the country.  

After a tour of this beautiful and quiet national park, the tour moves towards to the war tunnel and the mount Igman (so called Tunnel of Hope). Here we visit the original wartime tunnels with the running war film which introduces the visitors with the depicts events in the war period between the years 1992 and 1995.

After the visit to the museum Tunnel, your guide will lead you to the slopes of Sarajevo where you will get familiar with the culture of the formation of the city and its history. On the end of the tour you will be awarded with the original Bosnian coffee in the most beautiful view of the “Seher” city. Your impressions and great memories will be certainly justified with our Sarajevo tour.

The place to book your next vacation - Tour Sarajevo

Adress: Branilaca Sarajeva 13,
Centre of Sarajevo


71000 Sarajevo
Bosnia & Herzegovina
+387 62 62 44 62

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