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The origin of the town of Srebrenica 

This town was raised by the King Despot. "Srebrne", on the Bulgarian and Serbian language  means silver. Because in the hills of this city there is a silver mine, that’s how the city got its name. 

Otherwise, all Bosnian-Herzegovinian cities have their fortresses that have been made throughout history, and this city has a fortress which has a pentagonal shape and is located on a top of a red rock that dominates the environment. There are six “mahala” present and the same number of mosques, Muslim places of worship. Among the major mosques is theVelijna Bayezid Mosque. It is simply a place of worship in the old style with a minaret and is covered with the tiles. In the middle of this small town a river flows that is white colored and is called "silver water" (Srebrna voda). 

It is worth to mention that in the Bosnian war in this city a genocide was commited against innocent people. Unfortunately, because of this fact, Srebrenica has become the recognizable in the world.

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