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A couple of sentences about Mostar and Medjugorje

Mostar is the city on the Neretva river, 80 km southwest of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, with its 104,518 inhabitants. It is the largest and traditionally the most important city in Herzegovina. 

Mostar is located on the railway line Sarajevo - Ploce (Croatia ) . Once an important center of textile, tobacco and food industries and mining ( bauxite ) industry is heavily damaged in the war of the 1990s. The old bridge over the Neretva from the sixteenth century (length 29.5 m , designed by Turkish architect Mimar Hajrudin 1566th ) was demolished in November 1993rd and re- built in 2004. University ( founded in 1977). Nearby blooms the viticulture, the cultivation of tobacco, fruits and vegetables. In the near is Medjugorje with its pilgrimage tourism.


Old Town - the historical quarter of the city with the Old Bridge and a number of other facilities from the rich history of the city. In addition to the Old Bridge in Mostar old town there are other important landmarks, such as the Crooked Bridge, the towers around the Old Bridge , tannery , Kujundžiluk street , the hotel Rose and many others . It is the hotel Rose which is the main reason why Mostar threatened to be removed from the list of world heritage. The investor will have to remove 1,072 square Rose Hotel, and the sections A and B and the roof of the hotel pool to the hotel Rose aligned with the ambience of the old town center.


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